"The Billie" Cup Bag Hot Pink
"The Billie" Cup Bag Hot Pink

"The Billie" Cup Bag Hot Pink

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Are you looking for a stylish and practical way to keep your essentials close and secure?

Look no further than The Billie Cup Bag! This lightweight, neoprene bag easily fits onto any cup and is perfect for holding your keys, cards, and money. Whether you’re at the gym, beach, or just out for a walk, The Billie Cup Bag is the perfect accessory to keep your belongings safe.

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😎 Lightweight: The Billie Cup Bag is made of lightweight neoprene, making it easy to carry around.
🔒 Secure: A velcro strap ensures your belongings stay safe and secure.
💳 Convenient: The Billie Cup Bag is designed to fit on any cup, making it easy to access your items wherever you go.


- Made of neoprene
- Lightweight
- Velcro strap


The Billie Cup Bag easily attaches to any cup with its velcro strap. Simply attach the bag to your cup, fill it with your keys, cards, or money, and you’re ready to go!